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Lauren Glick

Southern Californian born and raised.  This girl was meant to run into the fire of life.  Constantly looking for growth and spreading love through impact with her life story.   
Not only is Lauren a life coach, she also has served her community as a city firefighter and thrives off the opportunity of serving others. 
She started her coaching journey as a health & fitness professional with Equinox Corporation; shortly blossomed into her online fitness coaching business & loved the idea of virtual coaching.  Lauren moved from California for the opportunity to become a mindset coach for Dean Graziosi & Tony Robins! She is blessed to be able to bring women knowledge about Nutrition and Movement!


Lauren Loves being apart of something bigger than her, bringing a lightness to movement and Nutrition to women in the world! Together as one!

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Let's Grow Together

Learning together in a group setting.

Holding each other accountable for our movement and nutrition! 

Giving YOU my energy for life is where we are starting together! 

"Lauren has been nothing but a savior to my health and feeling good in my own body."

- Meron Taffese 
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Get the 101 on taking care of your movement & having fun while doing it! 

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Back to the basics.  Foundation of food and WHAT we should do with food!
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Group calls, 1:1 and Group texts to keep us going! 

Your best life awaits

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