3 Ways Setting Boundaries is a Healthy Option for Growing Your Self Love Boundary

Mar 29, 2021

3 Ways Setting Boundaries is a Healthy Option for Growing Your Self Love
Boundary setting sounds harsh. Let's reframe… Let’s call it “A Self Honoring System”

Seriously ladies. I am still a recovering people pleaser; so saying the word 'no' was probably the hardest and most recent life lesson that I have been able to pull in close. It has also been the most rewarding thing I have done for myself in a very long time too! I mean truly.

Think about it, if you say yes to someone... and you truly did not want to commit, that is simply saying no to yourself. NOW... if we reverse that. Saying no to someone else, is saying YES to YOU! Your time, your energy, your values, and YOUR LIFE!

So! How do you hold boundaries... Here are 3 simple tips that help me make sure I am holding my boundaries up for my own self-love...
First things first. We get to truly figure out what we really want out of life. What are your true values? And usually, this is a hard task. It might be a challenging question for you too! SO... start off with this: you need to understand what your non-negotiables are. What are those things that you just CANNOT live with?
And guess what... you get to stick with them. And in a polite way, you just say no.

The first couple of times... yes, it might be very uncomfortable for you. Trust me; it was for me too! BUT .. afterward! It felt soooooo good!
2. Girl, stop apologizing. Is it just me, or did I always apologize for EVERYTHING? You accidentally bump into someone "sorry". You have to squeeze by someone... "sorry". You have to interrupt someone’s working thought process ... "sorry to bother you... but..."
This word is so SMALL. We get to make ourselves bigger!
I challenge you to say the words "excuse me” instead.
You have nothing to apologize for!
3. Be as kind to yourself as you are to your best friend.

Yup. Said it. This one was just as hard as tip number one for me, but I must say, it's also been a huge game-changer. When I started to focus on what I was saying to myself. And then thought... “would I say that to my best friend?” The answer was always no! When I reframed, it always felt so empowering.
And that, my dear, is the power we want!

That is the power that we get to feel!

The power of confidence DOES come from boundary-setting, girl. And this is something that I ALWAYS will be working on... and it feels SO good!

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