7 Ways To Enhance a Positive Mindset

Mar 15, 2021
7 Ways  To Enhance a Positive Mindset

Let's get real.

We all have bad days. We all have ups and downs that social media doesn't share ... and my love ... you are not alone.

Here are 7 ways in which I enhance a positive mindset on those "not so good days" ...

  1. Be selfish
    I know. Sounds bad right? But if you are not in the best place. You get to move out of that funk. You cant pour from an empty cup. I mean ... can the cup get more empty? Take time for yourself. The most important relationship that you have in life ... is with yourself. Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

  2. Practice Self Care
    We always hear it. But what does it really mean? The best ways that I like to practice self care is meditation, journaling, giving myself positive affirmations. Self care is simply taking care of yourself. Literally taking your vitamins and minerals, eating the nutrition your body is going to change into. I have made it a priority to take care of myself.

When I was a firefighter. I had NO CLUE what self care was. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without getting an emergency call and having to cut it off fast before the engine left.

So ... note to left. Without you ... there is no life. Take care of your life first.

  1. Taking a nice shower
    Taking a nice warm shower is always go refreshing. Cleaning off the day and knowing every moment is a moment to be cherished. 

  2. Truth
    When you speak your truth. You are making yourself and your values a priority. Start practicing this is simple ways. Like if you are going out to dinner with someone. Don't just throw the responsibility on them! It's your dinner too! And you GET to decide what fabulous place you get to eat! How cool is that!

  3. Your Community
    You are who you surround yourself with. Literally. Youve heard it a million times I would assume; If you are around negativity. That it what your world will become. If you want to push yourself. I challenge you to find a way to get into a positive group of friends. Friends that talk about business, self development, improvement, the environment. You literally will be the change you want to see.

  4. Gratitude
    You have so many things in your life already that you get to be happy about. If you are breathing on your own. Girl. That's step one. Focus on your breath. From there. Actually feel the gratitude for breathing. It's one thing to say ... "O ... totally grateful for breathing..." while rolling your eyes back in your head.

And it's another thing to actually feel happiness to breath.

    You are nature.
    Yes you heard me. You are nature. What that darn tree is breathing out ... you are breathing in. GO OUTSIDE .. walk with nature. Put the phone done. Turn your mind off. Just listen to your body. That is all that life is about.

It's one second at a time. One thought at a time. One Minute at a time.

Change isn't instant.

In this instant gratification life we live.

Choose to be the change.

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