Why are Social Audio apps THE BEST PLATFORMS to NETWORK!?

Nov 15, 2021


What do Grant Cardone, Gary Vee, Dane Cook all have in common?  

They are all on a social audio app and I personally had a conversation with all of them. I was able to sit in a room and listen to what they had to say, I was able to raise my hand and ask them personal questions.  I was able to brain storm with them.  Where else would I and you... get such a hands on opportunity to talk to such people?  Well if you want to pay high ticket prices to talk to them, that's your answer!

If that answer didn't light you up... I don't know what will get you into social audio apps.  Instagram is great to get information from people like I have mentioned above... but you won't be getting the conversations; the 1:1s like you would in social audio aka clubhouse. 


Now the How to... Seems easy enough right?

We can go about this in two directions... Follow huge influencers... but we don't know when they will show up, what the room is going to be about... the rooms are huge... so will I even be able to talk?

Let's not waste your time.  Let's start simple, easy peasy.  LET'S GO!

Fist things first.  If you haven't ever joined in a clubhouse room, I would personally like to invite you to follow me to join into very safe spaces where you can come up to the stage and talk.

Here's my Clubhouse username: @LaurenGlick

Now this is where the networking begins.  Most of Social Audio users are entrepreneurs and frankly, the ones that interact with... are powerful and successful.  


Secondly, ALWAYS raise your hand.  I want you to think of social audio as a podcast that you can and you MUST interact with.  ALWAYS engage in conversations that you're listening in on.  WHY? This way, people listening see you have something to add and know you have knowledge in your area!

Now raising your hand might create some hesitant, just know that everyone gets nervous.  DO NOT let those nerves hold you back! Lean into the scary.  

My mentor always tells me to do one scary thing a day... and YES. I do this.  And YES I still get nervous talking on stages as well.  WHY?  It's a flipping live, recorded (sometimes) stage. I don't want to sound like an idiot either.  LOL.  But that's also what makes the app SUPER powerful!  The things that scare us most are those things that you should be doing.  We grow when we're outside of our comfort zone.


Ok, If you've talked... you might have noticed you're gaining followers.  I challenge you next ... dm those people! Chat! Get to know what they are about!  Engage on their social media.  If its someone you want to work with, or help out their community... Get to know their offers.  It's literally that simple!


THIS my friends.  Is the power of social audio.  People resonate with real.  People resonate with conversation and the power of talking to someone in real time, is simple so much easier to gain credability. 


I am hoping this small nugget of info with social audio helped! Let me know if you have ANY questions.  This is my jam... and I am here to support you!

DM on IG @TheLaurenGlick


Chat soon!

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How to use Social Audio and Clubhouse

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