What is Social Audio: The How & the Why of Social Audio

clubhouse Nov 08, 2021

You enter a social audio room and hear multiple voices discussing a trending topic.  You sit in the virtual audience of a keynote speaker.  You raise your hand to join in the conversations and ask questions. You cut a short section of audio from your favorite clubhouse room and post it onto your feed, you do the same thing with your favorite podcast episode!  You post links in your own social audio rooms to move your audience to your buyers.


Gosh.  Though Social Audio can seem relatively new.  There are already SO many ways that we can create great content for listeners.  The cool thing about audio is that you get to know people EXTREMELY fast.  I mean, within a year, my audience & network has literally skyrocketed.


Clubhouse was the main social audio platform that kicked up the social audio wave. Before that…  It was primarily podcasts.  The funny part of my story is that Clubhouse gave me the confidence and knowledge that I have a lot to say and a lot of information to spread! So… from joining clubhouse, not only did I grow my audience, network and instagram account tremendously; I also grew the way that I was able to help new entrepreneurs.  


I just know that I have been a bit overwhelmed with the confusion and changes going on with instagram and facebook, that I was so happy that I found Clubhouse at such a good time!


‘Voice-based social media’ and ‘social audio’ refer to social media products that use audio as their primary means of communication. 


Social audio can include live conversation rooms, voice messaging, audio creation and editing tools, podcasts, and more. 


My favorite of them all… Clubhouse.  It was the front runner and I still think it is.  Clubhouse is an audio social network that facilitates group conversation through a series of voice chat rooms that users can drop into and listen in on. The app was launched in March 2020.  Conversations are not recorded, and you cannot send voice messages. Conversations in Clubhouse are live, and once they’re done, they’re done. 


The new feature that I love in Clubhouse is the ‘cut’ clip tool, so you can post clips of profound speakers and post them to your instagram or any social media platforms.  The second extremely important tool would be the backchat tool in Clubhouse.  No longer do you have to go into instagram to message people, you can do it all in Clubhouse.  O… and wait for it; now Clubhouse has links on the top of rooms.  This is HUGE.  Why?  It’s a direct way to send people to landing pages, surveys, documents anything you want a listener to check in and follow you under.  


Yes There are a number of different new social audio platforms, but I must say… Clubhouse takes the cake.  Really get to know other entrepreneurs, collab, make friends and in the end… this will grow your business.


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How to use Social Audio and Clubhouse

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