Boundary Setting: What Does It Do For Your Confidence

Apr 19, 2021
Boundary Setting: What Does It Do For Your Confidence

Boundary setting & Confidence. What do these two things have to do with one another?

Well. A lot more than I initially thought that's for sure. When you as a spiritual soul are able to find out what your boundaries are… you are able to go after what you want. I know I wasn't able to be confident in what I do know I want, before I figured out what isn't aligned with.

Here are 3 ways to increase your Confidence in Boundary Setting
First things first: We get to say no. I know. That might sound harsh to you; but it's true! Being able to say no to something that we don’t want, creates the SPACE for the things that we do want.

For example; I was a personal trainer & group instructor. My whole job was to pump women up to gain the confidence and courage to push themselves further into a workout than they ever would on their own. I LOVED the confidence part. The pushing women past a point they had never gone before; but… my true journey didn't lay in helping them to do squats & lose weight. SO! What did I do. I cancelled all my clients and started from scratch. What I was going to do? I had no idea. But what I did know… it wasn't being a fitness instructor anymore.

If I had not created that space to let in new opportunities. I wouldn't be as happy and as fulfilled as I am today help women gain confidence in owning their voice online.

So remember. Saying “no”... truly is saying “yes” to the thing that you really do want.


Focus on your own feelings. I know saying “no” can be a challenge. If you were raised to be a people pleaser and always care about what others say, think or feel. This “saying no thing” could create a bit of a challenge.

My challenge to you… Stop focusing on what other peoples reactions to your boundaries are! O girl. That was so challenging for me. But whenI started to own my worth that's when the Abundance started to creep in!
Start listening to your own gut, your intuition.

And if you're sitting over there reading this thinking… “I don't know what intuition is”...

Well you know that feeling in your stomach when youre like… “OMG… Yes I need that!”

That's your intuition and girl… you get to start following that!

Feel all those good feels and run with them! It’s for sure a challenge! It’s for sure getting out of your comfort zone… but would you rather say unhappy and just ‘ok’ in your comfort… or do you want to feel badass and own your life! Go after your true feelings and live in the uncomfortable but feeling on top of the world!


All that boundaries are… is a bit more communication.

We get to communicate our boundaries before things happen.

We get to communicate our needs, wants and desires. This creates a happy healthy environment for everyone!

We get to focus on how we feel… because when we focus on how we feel… everyone else can do the same thing.

Remember. We truly cannot control anything but ourselves.

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