Connect into the Entrepreneur Game

Nov 22, 2021

The way that  I see it.  The more people you know... the more success you will have as an entrepreneur.  If you're a new coach right now.  My suggestion is... just be patient.  

Join groups that are built for connection, show up to the sessions and meetings with confidence.  The thing we get to is grow our confidence to speak about what we do.  

You probably have heard, you need to understand your own offer before anyone else can understand it.  Well this can be challenging.  Understand your ideal client before they come to you.  Use their words to attract your ideal clients... show up in facebook groups to get to know your ideal client... and the list goes on.


I am here to throw a wrench in this ideal client money making machine known as social media.  It is a constant grind and frankly... grinding away at your own energy isnt the best for your own health... mentally and physically.  


What if you just showed up as yourself.  I mean... I know this sounds shocking.  But I am completely over talking about my signature course.  But my signature course is not who I am. 


SO yes... I am a Clubhouse mentor;  but is that who I am?  No.

I want people to know who I am, and that is where I stand!

I love being a multi passionate entrepreneur.  I show up as me, I connect and really understand where my friends and fellow entrepreneurs are at.  I see the opportunities in the future in where I can grow my brand as myself into new pathways.  


How long have you been a coach?  How much money have you made in your specific coaching arena? 

I just challenge you to show up as yourself more.  Spread love, connect and simply trying to help others in the areas you have your passion in is where you will thrive.


When you drop the worry... all the stress melts away.  


Just ... Be ... You. 




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How to use Social Audio and Clubhouse

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