Connection, Collaboration, Confidence

May 10, 2021
connection, collaboration, confidence

Why would you want to connect with other business owners rather than searching for clients?

A. We get to start aligning ourselves with like minded business owners... because they most likely will have women that want our services! It's attracting rather than running after!

B. Who wants to run after clients? That just sounds icky! Right?!

I use to... It didn't feel good. I wasn't aligned, and guess what... now I am able to show up, speak my truth and attract clients!

Connect with intention about the words that you are bringing out to lift people up and you allow them to flourish or be successful in their own right.

Using clubhouse to not necessarily monetize in the moment... but able to use it to just build relationship... which are the foundational piece to our businesses! When you start having authentic strong relationships... that's a game changer for your growth as a business and impact on other humans! And that is TRULY what lights me up and inspires me to keep showing up! The impact!

Clubhouse is SUCH a strong way to gain connection and collaborations!

Have you started on clubhouse yet? If not? Why not?




Want to increase your following on social media?  Ready to dive into Audio?


Check out my 4 secrets to clubhouse growth! and yes... this is EXACTLY what I did to sky rocket my clubhouse and Instagram growth!

Let's get you growing and networking with clarity and confidence!

How to use Social Audio and Clubhouse

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