affirmations gratitude health mindset positive wellness Apr 12, 2021

Incorporating positive affirmations into my life daily has had a massive impact on my mindset and I feel much more happy, calm and positive when I manage to do this regularly.

It’s no secret that positive thinking can do a lot of good for your well-being, like reducing stress and anxiety and helping to combat depression.You can choose to be happy and with the power of positive thinking, every day holds the potential to be a good one.

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and when that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

Here’s my affirmations to do list:
I journal in the mornings. And when I say journal. I mean gratitude & goal setting. Be grateful for what you have and the things that we are striving to get going! I love waking up to writing down my affirmations. I literally have collective affirmations and then started to build out my affirmations in longer ways that honor what I am working on to become.

For example:
“I set boundaries in my life with ease & joy.”
Yes I am working on boundaries. And I love thinking about boundaries as my honor system.
Ways in which I get to protect my energy.
So… statements that I tagged onto this affirmation that help me are…
I set & communicate my needs before situations happen.
I know when boundaries are crossed when I start to feel resentment or anxiety.
I say no to things that do not serve me and my honor system. This provides me the space to say YES to things that make me happy!
See where I am getting!
Feels good!
After I write down some of my affirmations (yes I have about 3 pages that I put into the front of my mind).
I then go into goal setting:
Writing down things that I get to start on, get to think about and get to complete!
To do lists become so much more fun when you say you “get” to do the to do list. Because first of all, it’s true! And secondly; or wait!... Still true! You’re here. You're alive and you strive to be the best you!

Here are some of my favorite affirmations.
I Love & accept myself.
There is power within me.
I surrender & open my arms to what the universe has for me.
I am successful in everything I do.
I feel full of life.
I am humble & proud.
I wake with energy & optimism.

Here’s to the start of your affirmation setting morning!
Please! Dm me! Let me know how its going! If you have any questions! Hit me up on IG!


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