How to Shift From a Lack to an Abundance Mindset

Apr 05, 2021
How to Shift From a Lack to an Abundance Mindset

What do you think of when you hear the word Abundance?

When I think of abundance, I think of a peaceful beach, warm sun in my salt ocean hair, a whipped coconut smoothie, laughter, joyfulness, happiness, my close best friend… and yes… a whole lot of smiles. Abundance means freedom, the lack of worry about financial stability, the ease and flow of life with constant positive, high flying vibrations.

Sounds like a dream right?!

Did you grow up thinking that you had to work hard for your money? Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Well, your dreams are real. If these are your dreams, guess what. You too can be living a life of ease and abundance.

But first, you have to feel it. You, my love, are the power you need to create a life you can't wait to wait up to.

Let's create that shift for you.

3 ways to get yourself into an abundant mindset:

Shift your perspective.
In ANY situation that happens to you in your life, there is a positive side and a negative side. A side where you can focus on the lack or a side you can focus on the abundance. Maybe one side is outweighing the other in a certain circumstance, but… honestly... you create your reality. So dear Lord, please tell me WHY you are focusing on all the bad stuff!

Girl… I used to do it too. I was scared to take the leap to positivity land. (lol, it's the truth but funny).
I used to think
“But what if I try and It doesn’t work?!”


“What if I try and I don't reach abundance?!”

So silly I was. Just like your muscles,abundance is something that we GET to work on in a daily practice. And boy, do I love working on it!

Be happy for others.

Celebrating others’ wins gets you even more into that high vibe state. Being jealous isn’t going to get us any closer to living the life of our dreams any more than eating as much as you want is going to get us to lose weight! Get it, girl?! BE that abundance and happiness.

Be the shining light that you want to be around!

Don't save anything for a special occasion.

Being alive is a special occasion! Live life in abundance! Wear that cute dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Use that cute purse you only wear out on dates. Girl, you are worth living the life of your dreams!

Now! Let’s start to manifest.

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